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Can I Get Alimony in my Divorce?

Under Texas law, alimony is also referred to as “spousal maintenance” or “spousal support.”  Spousal support is designed to provide temporary support for a spouse following divorce, rather than being a long-term proposition.  A spouse’s eligibility to receive spousal maintenance following the entry of a final divorce decree has been significantly expanded since it was […]

Can a Court Award Additional Child Support Above Guidelines?

Judges in Texas family law cases have discretion to award child support in excess of statutory guidelines under certain circumstances.  The guidelines apply to obligors with up to $8,550 of monthly net resources. If a parent who is obligated to pay child support has monthly net resources above $8,550, the court may award additional child […]

Wage Withholding Orders in Texas

Texas law provides for a court to enter a wage withholding order as a tool to help in collecting spousal maintenance (alimony) payments and child support payments.  The order requires the employer of the party obligated to pay to withhold a portion of his paycheck. The employer is also required to send that money to […]

Fault in Texas Divorce Cases

Texas law gives a spouse the ability to use grounds of fault in Texas divorce cases, but a spouse still has the ability to allege no-fault grounds for a divorce. The Texas Family Code provides that no-fault grounds include insupportability of the marriage due to discord or conflict with no reasonable expectation of reconciliation, living […]

Texas Divorce Waiting Periods

A frequently asked question by Houstonians about their divorce is “How long do I have to wait to get divorced?”  Often, there is a second, follow-up question “How long do I have to wait to re-marry after my divorce is final?”  These questions about Texas divorce waiting periods are common. Waiting Periods to Obtain a […]

Texas Medical Child Support Orders

One of the most significant issues in child support cases is structuring how the payment of the children’s medical and healthcare expenses will be handled. When periodic payments of child support are ordered by a Houston family court, Texas medical child support must also be awarded. This is in addition to the amount the obligor […]

Houston Temporary Orders Hearings in a Texas Divorce

After being served with an Original Petition in a divorce case, a spouse will often find in served papers a notice that a temporary orders hearing has already been set.  Temporary orders basically are orders entered by the court for the pendency of the divorce that can protect a spouse, property or ensure the children’s […]

What is a Parenting Course?

In a Texas divorce or child custody case, Section 105.009 of the Texas Family Code authorizes a family court judge to order the parties to attend a Parent Education and Stabilization Course.  The court can enter such an order either in an original proceeding or in a motion to modify an existing custody order if […]

How is Texas Child Support Calculated?

Texas law provides clear guidelines for the award of child support to be paid in child custody matters. Texas child support is generally calculated from a parent’s net (after tax) resources, not gross (pre-tax) resources.  For most people, this primarily means their paycheck, which is typically paid by an employer monthly, twice per month, every […]

What Keeps People in Unhappy Marriages?

In a recent study, the number one reason that unhappy married couples stay together is that they lack the courage to divorce.  It is true that it takes some measure of courage to divorce your spouse and encounter a level of uncertainty about the future.  Of the approximately 2,000 married people surveyed in this study, […]