Business Law & Litigation: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compilation of some of more frequently asked questions regarding business law, business litigation and the FDCPA.  If you have further questions, our business attorneys would be happy to speak with you.  Call The Larson Law Office at (713) 221-9088.

If a key employee leaves my company, how can I protect the confidential and trade secret information that is so important to my business operations?

Our business lawyers can help you protect your company’s trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information. From non-competition agreements to confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements, we can help you put into place a comprehensive strategy to help protect your company. It is important to have plans in place before important employees leave your business to attempt to go to work for your competitor or try to open their own competing business down the street. Contact our law firm today to learn more about what you can do to protect your business.

I have a business plan and I am ready to open my own business. How do I get it formed and what are my choices?

First of all, congratulations on deciding to open your own business! As passionate entrepreneurs ourselves, we get excited for other entrepreneurs when they embark on new ventures. We can help you with this process. Texas law offers many choices regarding how a company can be structured, including Corporation (Inc.), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), Professional Limited Liability (PLLC), General Partnership (GP) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Each of these comes with its own advantages regarding protection from liability, payment of compensation, and other financial issues.

If you partner with our law firm for your business needs, our attorneys will explain the process, explain your choices regarding entities and take care of all the details with the Texas Secretary of State’s office. Once we have formed your company, we can help with other business planning issues ranging from contract drafting, review and negotiation, policy and procedure manuals, risk management, and any other legal functions or issues that may arise. We will also be just one phone call away if you need any assistance.

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My company has just been served with a lawsuit by one of my suppliers alleging breach of contract. What do I do now?

You have a limited amount of time to respond to the lawsuit, so you need to act quickly to protect the interests and assets of your business. The Larson Law Office can help you quickly get on top of the situation, help you understand the legal issues involved and lay out options that make sense for your company. You want experienced litigators at your side in commercial litigation cases, so contact our lawyers, Diana Larson or Erik Larson, today to discuss your Houston business litigation matter.

How much does it cost to create a business in Texas?

It depends on what type of business organization you are creating, as the State of Texas charges different fees for registration. In addition to the fees for registration are our firm’s legal fees for creating the business and the number of accompanying documents you want to have. Speaking with one of our business lawyers can help you determine your needs and the costs of those services.

Do you review contracts for individuals and companies?

Yes. The attorneys at The Larson Law Office have many years of experience in creating and reviewing business documents and contracts. Our lawyers can discuss pricing with you and how we can assist you with drafting, reviewing or negotiating contracts. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation about your business needs.