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Wills are not just for the very wealthy or only for people with extensive property or assets.  Regardless of where you are in life, creating a workable estate plan and drafting a Will is an important issue to address at any age.  We believe that if you have children, you also need a Will so that you can make your wishes clear about who will raise your children and how your estate will be distributed. Our experienced Houston Will lawyers can help you with these next steps.

If you are interested in drafting a Will, our law firm can be of valuable assistance. In thinking about a Will, you might wonder whether you need an estate planning lawyer for this process. Drafting a legally sound will can be a complex process. There are many benefits to an attorney-drafted will and many potential pitfalls for those who do it themselves. A Will is a legally binding document in which you declare how your property and estate are to be distributed.  However, a Will only works if it is enforceable.  A Will must meet several strict requirements to be enforceable and the decision to hire a Houston Will lawyer is an important one.  If the wording is off or if the document is drafted or signed improperly, there is the chance that it may be held to be invalid in probate court.

If you want to take steps to make sure your final wishes are clearly put into place, The Larson Law Office can help.  Contact a qualified Houston Will lawyer at (713) 221-9088 to discuss your situation.

Why Are Wills Important?

How Establishing a Will Can Help

If you do not make your wishes clear in a Will, the State of Texas will decide these things for you. Based on very specific laws, without a Will, a court will determine the distribution of your estate.  Additionally, without a Will the decision about naming the person who will raise your children will have nothing at all to do with your wishes as the court will decide.  The Houston Will lawyers at The Larson Law Office can help prevent this situation from occurring.

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The result is that your heirs may not receive the assets you would have left to them and other loved ones may be left out entirely.  Also, when there is no Will, there can be long delays in the distribution of an estate due to court proceedings that eventually decide how the estate is to be distributed and who the heirs are.  Expensive and drawn-out legal battles can result from not having a Will, or not having a properly executed and drafted Will by an effective Houston Will lawyer.

Estate planning can also address health care decisions in case of incapacity, financial powers of attorney and can address many other important issues, such as guardianship and custody of your children and other vital matters.

Too often, creating a Will, Trust or medical directive is something that people put on their “bucket list” or “to do list” and just never get around to it.  Unfortunately, just intending to create a Will or telling people in your family what you want to happen with your estate without creating a Last Will and Testament will have essentially the same effect as if you never considered it.  The effect will be that State of Texas will decide how your property is to be distributed.   Our Houston Will lawyers will help you get these items off your “to do list.”

Creating a Will that clearly states your wishes for your estate is a very important step in an individual’s estate planning and we provide these services in a cost-effective way.  By working with our Houston Will lawyers, you can help ensure that your Last Will and Testament does exactly what you want it to do regarding the inheritance of your assets and property.

We understand how critically important it is to have a Will that takes cares of your family and those you love with as little interference by the State of Texas and probate officials as possible.  We are dedicated to helping families and individuals craft a comprehensive Will that is custom and tailored to the client’s exact wishes for the client’s estate.

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