Houston Child Custody FAQ’s

We have compiled below some of the most frequently asked questions in our child custody practice.  If you have additional questions regarding child visitation, child support or changing an order, contact our Houston custody lawyers at 713.221.9088.

Who decides which parent gets custody?

The court will make the final decisions regarding child custody.  If an agreement is reached between the parents, the court will review the parenting plan submitted by the parents before making the final decision.  Most of the time the court will approve the parenting plan submitted by the parties, but the court is not bound by the parties’ submission and the court will determine if the agreement is in the best interest of the children.  The court’s final decision will always be made with the best interest of the child as the primary concern. The court wants to maintain the child’s safety, well-being and security as much as possible and to preserve the child’s relationship with the parents. Ideally, the parenting plan will be one of joint legal custody and as much time as possible spent with both parents as possible.  Contact the child custody attorneys at The Larson Law Office to discuss your child custody case and questions.

Once a parenting plan has been established, is it possible to make a change to it in the future?

Life throws us unexpected situations, and at times the parenting plan that once worked is now extremely inconvenient, impossible or is no longer in the child’s best interests. In these situations you may be able to file for a modification of custody or child support to better suit your current situation.

How do I change my child support payments?

There are changes in circumstances that make it necessary to modify an existing court order regarding child support. Changes in the child’s health, their age, or in the employment of the parent can all affect child support. It is important, however, that is accomplished through the courts and not just arranged between the two parties; if it is later determined that you did not adhere to a court ordered payment, you can face legal repercussions.  Contact our family law attorneys to discuss your child support issues.

How do I pay child support?

The order will provide the means by which you must pay court ordered child support.  This is typically done through the Texas Office of the Attorney General.  Click here  to go to the Texas Attorney General’s website and instructions on paying child support online.

How do I get my child support after it is paid to the state agency?

The Texas Office of the Attorney General provides for direct deposit into an obligee’s account.  Click here for the Attorney General’s instructions and form to set up direct deposit.