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Perhaps you are dealing with a vindictive or difficult former spouse or partner who regularly violates existing court orders for visitation.

This situation can cause significant problems if you are trying to spend time with your children.  Perhaps you have made plans that now must be dropped as the ex-spouse refuses to allow you to see your children.  Perhaps when you show up at the other parent’s house to exercise visitation, nobody is at home.

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Enforcement of Visitation and Custody Orders

Issues like this can be resolved in court through an action to enforce existing visitation orders.  The court’s orders for visitation can be enforced through an action for contempt.

Possible remedies include the other parent being held in contempt, being jailed for failure to comply with the court’s orders, the award of additional visitation time and the assessment of attorneys’ fees and costs against the other parent.

Bringing legal pressure to bear in cases like this can deliver the results you seek when you are dealing with a difficult former spouse or ex-partner.

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