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Texas divorce law requires that either the husband or wife have lived in Texas for the prior 6 months and lived in the county where the divorce will be filed for 90 days.  There may be other circumstances in which a person can file for divorce in Texas.  For example, if the marriage took place in Texas, a Texas divorce may be possible even if the residency provisions are not met.  These are the kinds of issues a qualified Houston divorce attorney can help you sort through.

After being served with a Texas petition for divorce, Texas law provides that a party has until the “Monday next following the expiration of twenty days following service of process” to file the party’s answer to the divorce petition.

However, it is common for a spouse to find when reviewing the Texas petition for divorce he has just been served with, that a temporary orders hearing has already been set.  Additionally, it is not uncommon for such a spouse to call our Houston divorce attorneys and to find out that he only has a few days, or perhaps a week, before the temporary orders hearing is set.  Time is typically of the essence if you have been served with a Texas petition, so you may need to act quickly and hire a prepared, responsive Houston divorce attorney to represent you.

In these situations, finding responsive, dedicated legal counsel to help prepare the case for temporary orders can make all the difference.  If you are having a difficult time dealing with your spouse and are considering divorce, before going to family court you should have The Larson Law Office in your corner.  Call one of our Houston divorce attorneys today at 713.221.9088 for a no-cost consultation.

Time Frame for a Final Texas Divorce

Texas requires that a divorce petition be on file with the court for 60 days before a divorce can be finalized, even if it is uncontested.

However, depending on the complexity of your divorce case and whether you and your spouse can reach agreements will greatly impact how long your divorce will take.

As experienced Houston divorce attorneys, it has been our experience that a typical Texas contested divorce in which the parties are not in complete agreement at the beginning of the process usually takes between 4 – 12 months to finalize.

Each case is different and how long your divorce will take will depend on multiple factors including the extent of community property, whether agreements can be reached, the level of your spouse’s eagerness to resolve the matter and whether children are involved.

Time Frame to Re-Marry

After your Houston divorce attorney submits the divorce decree to the court and after the judge enters a decree of divorce, Texas law states neither spouse can re-marry for 31 days.  The exception to this rule is that the couple that just received the divorce may remarry each other without this 31 day waiting requirement.

If a party wants to re-marry sooner than 31 days after the decree was signed by the court, that party’s Houston divorce attorney may ask the court to waive the 31 day waiting requirement to remarry so long as “good cause” is shown.  Good cause can be shown in different situations, including military obligations of a party or a showing that financial expenditures related to the wedding have already been incurred for a wedding date within the waiting period.

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