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The emotional stress of dealing with a family law conflict is compounded by trying to understand the complex family legal system. These legal issues often involve some of your most intimate relationships.

You need a compassionate family lawyer serving Katy, TX, who’ll take the time to understand the complexities of your specific situation to guide you through such challenging times. 

Fortunately, The Larson Law Office can help you during this process. With a Katy family lawyer in your corner, you can rest assured that your lawyer will listen to you, take the time to understand your case, and create the right strategy for you.

We pride ourselves on our legal skills and our ability to make the client relationship central to representation. We will fight for your best interests whether you are facing divorce, child custody issues, or a family court order modification.

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Our Family Law Attorneys in Katy, TX

When you hire a Katy family lawyer from The Larson Law Office, you’ll receive customized and personal legal representation. We pride ourselves on developing a relationship with you directly, not through a paralegal or junior associates. Our legal strategy is tailored to meet your needs based on your unique concerns.Family Lawyer in Katy, TX

Our attorneys have extensive experience in a variety of family law matters. Our practice areas include:

  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements,
  • Contested and uncontested divorce,
  • Common law marriage issues,
  • Marital asset division,
  • High-net-worth divorce,
  • Spousal maintenance,
  • Same-sex divorce,
  • Military divorce,
  • Paternity issues,
  • Child custody,
  • Child support,
  • Visitation,
  • Grandparent’s rights, and
  • Modifications of family court orders.

If you’re looking for a compassionate family law attorney serving Katy, TX, who will zealously advocate on your behalf, look no further than The Larson Law Office.

The Larson law group was very helpful and supportive throughout my whole divorce process. They were both honest and up front. I’m thankful for their help and would recommend them to anyone. Straight-shooters that are on your side. 5 stars.
faith manito
faith manito
The Larson Law Office helped me every step of the way and I had constant communication which I appreciate. There’s no better option do yourself a favor hire the Larson Law Office
Patrick Hoover
Patrick Hoover
It’s hard these days to discern who to turn to when choosing a lawyer for that big life event. I’m lucky enough that I was guided to the Larson Law Firm. You may be tempted (as I initially was), to turn to the closest big box firm. My sister (UK based lawyer) quickly corrected my mistake and pointed me in the right direction. From that first contact meeting with Erik, I felt as if someone was actually listening to me. Erik and Diana worked effectively, forewarned me about the opposing firm, and every time predicted what the opposition would do. They then prepare you with options. They lay it all out candidly, give you realistic expectations, and sage advice. Never once did I feel like I was just a billable event. Coupled with their experience, contacts and outcome. I could with good conscience recommend them to my family and friends. If you’re reading this, I sincerely hope you consider Larson Law Firm.
Chintan Patel
Chintan Patel
I am delighted to do the 5 stars review for the Erik and Diana and their jovial, trustworthy, clear and forthright approach. What is one of the worst moments in a person's life doesn't have to be even more protracted and painful due to their stellar legal representation. Thank you.
Deepti V. Patel
Deepti V. Patel
Divorce takes a long time. The Larson Law Office communicated with me on a regular basis. Step by step we got everything done and I am finally divorced!!! I am glad they were able to help me.
Adam Ruehl
Adam Ruehl
Experienced attorneys. Creative in their solutions. I felt comfortable through the entire process.
Gabriel Valencia
Gabriel Valencia
The service provided by the Larson Law Office was very honest and professional. I felt very comfortable working with them. The responses to my questions and inquiries were received in a timely manner, above all my expectations. The legal advice was the best I have received to this date and I highly recommend the Larson Law Office to anyone seeking legal assistance.
Raymond Williamson
Raymond Williamson
Erik and Diana were both so easy to work with! They answered all our questions, no matter how big or small. We are so thankful for their expertise and helping us navigate through such an unexpected situation.
Brittanie Ste Marie
Brittanie Ste Marie
You will not need to research any further for a family law attorney to represent you. The Larson Law Office is a collaborative team that cares about their clients. Erik and Diana are professional and have great customer service. As I also work in legal field, I can speak to the fact that the attorneys have the experience and knowledge to guide you through understanding your case as well as providing you with all of the options to make informed decisions for your case. Thank you for everything Larson Team!
Erin Cotton-Patel
Erin Cotton-Patel

Divorce Prerequisites in Texas

Even though it may be the right decision for your family, ending a marriage is seldom easy. In addition to the emotional toll of a divorce, Texas divorces can be complex. A person filing for divorce must follow Texas laws exactly. Otherwise, they risk having to re-file or start their case over entirely. Thus, we recommend you consult a family lawyer serving Katy, TX, if you’re considering divorce. 

Texas has several prerequisites you must meet before filing for a divorce in the Lone Star State. Specifically, before filing, you must meet the Texas residency requirements and have a legal reason for divorce

Residency Requirements

You must reside in Texas to file for divorce in the state. To establish residency, you must show that you or your spouse resided in Texas for at least six months before filing your divorce petition. In addition, one spouse must have lived for at least ninety days in the county where you file your petition.

Grounds for Divorce in Texas

You must also have a legal reason, or grounds, for divorce. The grounds for divorce in Texas include the following:

  • Insupportability,
  • Cruelty,
  • Adultery,
  • Conviction of a felony,
  • Abandonment for one year or more,
  • Living apart for three years, or
  • Confinement in a mental hospital.

Insupportability is Texas’ no-fault grounds for divorce. This means that neither spouse is to blame for the marriage’s end. Instead, you simply state in the court papers that the marriage is broken with no hopes of reconciliation.

The remaining grounds are fault-based grounds. You must have credible evidence to support a fault-based ground for divorce. Although this may make your case more complex, if a court rules in your favor, you could be entitled to a larger share of the marital estate. You should speak with a Katy family law attorney to help select the proper grounds for your divorce. 

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Many have heard the terms “contested” and “uncontested” divorce. The difference between these two types of divorce can be significant.

In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree on how to resolve all of the significant issues. This includes the grounds for the divorce and other matters such as the division of marital assets, child custody, spousal support, and child support. These couples, typically through their lawyers, draft a divorce agreement. The court will review this agreement and issue a final divorce decree. This greatly streamlines the process—so couples in an uncontested divorce usually spend very little time in court.

On the other hand, in a contested divorce, the spouses do not or cannot agree on one or more issues. One spouse might not even agree to the divorce itself. Thus, the spouses will have to go to court multiple times and go through the entire judicial process to finalize their divorce. A contested divorce can be lengthy as a result.

Regardless of which type of divorce you face, you’ll need a family lawyer helping clients in Katy, TX, to help guide you to the full resolution of your case. 

Conservatorship (Child Custody) 

Child custody in Texas is called “conservatorship.” In a conservatorship proceeding, a family court judge decides two issues:

  • Who makes major decisions for the child, and
  • Where the child will spend their time.    

The judge makes all conservatorship decisions based on the best interests of the child. The court evaluates several factors to determine what is in their best interests (i.e., what will have the most positive impact on the child’s well-being, long-term health, and safety).

Parents can negotiate and work together to create a parenting schedule without the need to fight it out in court. A judge will still review any agreement to determine if it’s in the child’s best interests. But generally, the judge will approve an agreed-upon plan as long as it doesn’t violate public policy or negatively impact the child. 

Child Support

Parents have a legal obligation to support their children. However, sometimes the child’s parents have a conflict over child support. In Texas, child support is primarily determined based on the child’s residence and each parent’s income. Although you can estimate your potential child support using the Attorney General’s child support calculator, you will likely want the court to have all relevant information before they issue a child support order. Thus, you should speak with a Texas family law attorney before a judge issues a final child support order.

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A family law issue can be one of the most critical legal issues you face. You need a compassionate and skilled litigator who will fight for what’s best for you and your family. The Larson Law Office is here to help. Our client-centered approach ensures that our legal strategy will meet your unique needs. Contact our family lawyers in Katy, TX today.