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Across the legal practice, family law is recognized as a complex area that encompasses various legal issues, impacting many core areas of a person’s life. Texas maintains strict and complicated rules that govern family law matters. Given the magnitude that family law proceedings and outcomes can have on a person and their family, anyone encountering the family law system should contact a Missouri City family lawyer.

Fortunately, the experienced, client-centered attorneys at the Larson Law Office are available to help. Our family law attorneys serving clients in Missouri City, TX, have extensive experience handling cases involving premarital agreements, divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, and more. Our attorneys understand the personal and sensitive nature of these cases. That’s why we work hard to be accessible to our clients, and our attorneys handle each case personally. Contact our office to discuss how to address and resolve your family law matters.

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Legal Methods for Resolving Family Law Cases in Missouri City

Texas law provides various processes to address family law matters in Missouri City, TX. Below, we describe some common legal methods for resolving family law issues in Texas.

Family Law Courts

Family law court judges hear many Missouri City cases involving family law matters, such as divorce, child support, and custody. The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence govern these cases.

Using Texas family court to resolve a family matter requires filing a case in court, appearing in court regularly, and, if you can’t settle the case, it will go to trial. At a trial, the court will decide all of the issues in your case and render a judgment. Individuals involved in the family court system should consult with a Missouri City family lawyer to ensure they abide by the various procedural and evidentiary rules that apply to their cases.


Some family law issues can be resolved outside of court. They may go through mediation, a confidential settlement process, where the parties meet with a mediator to try and resolve their disputes. A mediator is a neutral third party who tries to help the parties come to an agreement. Courts often refer cases to mediation. However, parties can choose to go to mediation on their own. Family law mediation attorneys can help clients make informed, voluntary, and reasonable decisions during the mediation.

Collaborative Law

Parties who have relatively amicable relationships may be able to resolve their cases through the Texas collaborative law process. The collaborative law process is essentially a series of meetings between parties and their attorneys where they try to resolve the issues of the case. They can bring experts to help with specific issues. Divorces and custody matters can often be resolved through this process. 

These cases are often handled by special collaborative law attorneys with the skills and training to help their clients resolve disagreements through cooperation. These attorneys focus on working to settle a case. Generally, if either party decides to leave the collaborative law process and file their case in court, they’ll have to hire a new attorney.

Missouri City Marriage and Divorce Attorneys

The Missouri City, TX, family law attorneys at the Larson Law Office have extensive experience handling cases involving marital issues and divorce in the state. Some of the Texas family law cases the firm handle includes the following:Missouri City family lawyer

  • Pre and post-marital agreements,
  • Contested and uncontested divorce,
  • Fault and no-fault divorce,
  • Property division issues,
  • Characterization & valuation of marital assets,
  • Common-law marriage,
  • Division and characterization of retirement funds,
  • Divorce involving family-owned businesses,
  • Military divorce,
  • Protection of separate property,
  • Spousal support, and
  • Temporary orders.

The attorneys at our firm have a comprehensive understanding of these complex issues. We’ll provide clients with representation throughout all stages of their cases.      

How Do Texas Courts Deal with Family Law Issues Involving Children?

Texas courts examine all child custody, support, or visitation issues to determine whether they are in the child’s best interests. While the court uses some set guidelines, many cases are fact-intensive and require the parties to make a compelling case to achieve the desired outcome. A Missouri City family law attorney from our office will understand how critical these decisions are to each family member’s psychological, social, and emotional well-being. 

Our office handles various family law cases involving children, such as the following:

  • Child custody,
  • Child support,
  • Visitation,
  • Enforcement of orders,
  • Relocation issues,
  • Geographic restrictions,
  • International custody issues,
  • Modifications of orders,
  • Paternity issues, and
  • Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR).

These are just a few issues involving children we’ve handled.

Our attorneys use their skills, resources, and tools to fight for our client’s rights. Issues affecting the parent-child relationship are particularly important and sensitive. We work hard to fight for what’s best for our clients and their families.

Our attorneys provide judges with strategic information to support our clients’s cases, including the following:

  • Background knowledge about what the children need for their development;
  • Evidence that addresses the factors that might be critical in determining the child’s best interest; and
  • Highlighting important issues that should be evaluated in making decisions in these cases.

Hiring an experienced attorney for these cases is paramount to ensuring continuity and stability for children involved in the family court system.

Our Missouri City Family Law Firm’s Other Areas of Practice 

The Larson Law Office handles a wide array of family law issues, including the following:

  • Jurisdictional issues,
  • Mediation,
  • Name changes,
  • Partition agreements,
  • Protective orders,
  • Restraining orders, and
  • Termination of parental rights.

The attorneys on our team provide clients with personalized and strategic case management to address the various issues that family law cases often elicit.

How to Choose a Texas Family Law Attorney

Choosing the right Missouri City family law attorney is an important decision that can significantly impact the outcome of a family law matter. Those looking for a family law attorney should evaluate the lawyer’s training, experience, personality, attitude, qualities, and goals before deciding whether to hire them. 

Some factors that individuals should consider when hiring a lawyer include the following:

  • Intellectual and cognitive abilities,
  • Experience,
  • Willingness to listen,
  • Accessibility,
  • Research and information-gathering skills,
  • Communication skills,
  • Planning and organization abilities,
  • Conflict resolution skills, and
  • Character.

These characteristics are essential in family law cases because they exhibit the attorney’s ability to reason, problem-solve, influence, plan, negotiate, and zealously advocate and represent their clients. If you hire our firm, we believe that you’ll quickly discover the character, compassion, and accessibility of our attorneys and how eager we are to fight for your rights.

Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

If you have a pending family law matter, obtaining the best possible result usually requires understanding all your options. You also need an attorney with extensive and specific experience guiding clients in similar situations as yours. 

At the Larson Law Office, our dedicated team of Missouri City family lawyers have decades of combined experience handling all types of family law matters. We ensure that each client receives dedicated and highly-personalized service designed to advance their interests without unnecessary litigation. To learn more or to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our family lawyers serving clients in Missouri City, TX, call 713-221-9088 today. You can also reach us through our online contact form.