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alimony texasSpousal maintenance is the technical term used for alimony or spousal support in Texas.

Texas law is designed for alimony to be short-term, with the length of the marriage playing a large role in spouse’s qualifying for support.

Alimony in Texas has expanded in scope over the past several years in terms of who qualifies to receive it and for how much time.

As this is an evolving area of Texas law, hiring a Houston alimony lawyer can be a wise decision.

The categories of individuals who potentially fall under the umbrella of alimony in Texas include spouses who stay at home, spouses married for more than 10 years, those who have obligations to care for disabled children, spouses with disabilities and victims of family violence.

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Spousal Support Requirements in Texas

For these categories of individuals, there are further eligibility requirements that must be met to receive alimony in Texas.

First, the person must be married. Simply living together without being formally married or informally married does not make a person eligible to receive spousal maintenance or alimony.

Second, the individual must be unable to provide for his or her “minimum reasonable needs.” A person’s property (including separate property) that is considered includes paychecks, child support payments, interest, dividends, royalties and other income. This property is then compared to the person’s expenses related to her “minimum reasonable needs,” including expenses for a house or apartment, car or transportation bills, health care costs and additional expenses. A Houston alimony lawyer can provide assistance in gathering this information and presenting it to the family court.

Finally, the spouse must meet one of the following four factors:

  1. The marriage must have lasted for at least 10 years and the spouse is not able to earn a sufficient income to support herself and that a diligent effort was made to earn a sufficient income or to develop skills necessary to earn a sufficient income to support herself;
  2. The spouse suffers from a disability;
  3. Domestic violence against the spouse is established; or
  4. The spouse cares for a child who is disabled.

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