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Child custody is one of the most emotionally charged issues that emerge in a Texas family law case. Unfortunately, disagreements between parents often affect their children the most, creating turbulence and turmoil in their lives. This can happen even when the parents are trying their best to protect and insulate the children from the conflict. We understand that it is the children’s best interest to try and bring disputes to a quick, successful resolution. The Houston child custody lawyers at The Larson Law Office are committed to helping you reach a resolution that best suits you and your family. We will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to construct carefully organized arguments and work aggressively to protect your rights as a parent.

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Texas Child Custody Laws: Determining Who Gets Primary Custody

During a child custody hearing or trial to determine custody and conservatorship issues, many factors are considered by the Court. Some of these factors include in determining a parenting plan include: which parent is the primary caregiver, the status quo of child care arrangements, the history of visitation, substance abuse, mental health issues, any history of domestic violence or other criminal history, the work schedules of the parents, the general employment situation of each parent, how the children are performing in school and other developmental issues, the current living arrangements of each parent and the behavioral history of each parent. In all cases, conservatorship and visitation issues are determined by what is in the best interest of the child by applying these and other factors.

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Types of Child Custody in Texas

An important step to developing a parenting plan is setting up a custody arrangement both parents will follow. Below are the two options for conservatorship in Texas:

  • Sole Custody

    When a parent is appointed sole managing conservatorship, that parent is responsible for making important decisions concerning the child. Sole managing conservatorship comes into play only when one parent’s behavior threatens the child’s well-being in some form. This can be from drug or alcohol issues, neglect, abuse or other reasons. However, the parent seeking to be made sole managing conservator must specifically plead it in the petition, which must also be accompanied by an affidavit detailing the allegations to support a finding of sole managing conservatorship.

    If the Court determines that sole managing conservatorship is appropriate the parent with sole managing is typically given the exclusive rights to make decisions regarding the child, and the other parent may have restricted or supervised visitation rights.

  • Joint Custody

    Joint managing conservatorship is a very general term that means that both parents share rights, duties, and physical possession of the child.. Any parenting plan that is not sole managing conservatorship will likely fall under the umbrella of joint managing conservatorship. Joint managing can take many forms for physical possession, including 50/50, 3/2/2, week-on/week off, standard possession order or expanded possession order, among many other options.

    Joint managing can take many forms for rights and duties, including exclusive, by agreement and several forms of tie-breaker structures. In the case of joint custody, the parent with whom the child lives during the week is referred to as the primary conservator and the other parent has visitation and must pay child support.

If you believe a certain custody arrangement is the best choice for your family, our Houston child custody attorneys will help present your case and establish visitation agreements between you and the other parent. Contact our law firm today to learn more.

Resolving Child Custody Disputes Through Mediation

In many situations, the most effective way to establish an early and workable final parenting plan for the children is by a mutual agreement between the parents. However, many times this is easier said than done. Sometimes the parents can work out the outlines of an agreement between themselves for a lawyer to finalize in an agreed child custody order, but this is often a difficult undertaking with often many layers of underlying conflict between the parents. If such an agreement cannot be made between the parties, our family law attorneys can help mediate child custody issues between you and the other parent in order to obtain a successful settlement. We utilize mediation frequently in child custody cases, and we believe mediation is often a very successful tool to help parents resolve their disputes early and with less expense than through litigation, and minimize future conflict.

Taking Child Custody Disputes to Court

Our Lawyers Have the Courtroom Experience to Pursue and Fight for Your Rights 

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At our Houston divorce law firm, although we encourage solving disputes through mediation, we are always ready to pursue aggressive litigation in order to achieve the successful outcome for you and your children. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and will guide you through complex family law matters including issues of custody, visitation, support, and more.

We can also help you with the modification of custody orders to address material and substantial changes of circumstances that have occurred since the entry of your last order. Orders can be modified regarding increasing or decreasing child support, medical support, geographic restrictions, times and amount of visitation, and many other issues. For compassionate representation to help you navigate the complex issues of child custody laws in Texas, contact The Larson Law Office today.

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