Modifying Child Custody Orders

Perhaps you want to change or increase the amount of time that you spend with your children, particularly if circumstances in your life have changed. Our Houston child custody lawyers can help you through the process of modifying child custody orders.

A Houston child custody lawyer can help in modifying child custody orders in two basic circumstances.

First, a visitation order can be modified if the parents agree to the modification and the court finds it to be in the children’s best interest.

Second, a visitation order can be changed if a party shows that there has been a “material and substantial change” to the circumstances of the child or a parent. A material and substantial change can occur in a variety of contexts.

If you need to change your current situation regarding child custody or visitation, our Houston child custody lawyers can protect your interests and firmly advocate on your behalf in the courtroom for modifying child custody orders. Contact a The Larson Law Office now at (713) 221-9088 for a free case evaluation.

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What Qualifies as Material and Substantial Change?

Some examples of a “material and substantial” change of circumstances that a qualified Houston child custody lawyer can help you present to a family court, include changes to the home environment such as:

  • When the child undergoes frequent moves;
  • Remarriage of a parent;
  • The violation of a geographic restriction by a parent;
  • Interference with visitation by a parent;
  • When the child’s age and needs change;
  • Parental conflict; and
  • Relocation of a parent.
  • When child visitation or custody is an issue you face, The Larson Law Office can be of significant assistance to you in addressing these problems quickly and effectively.

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