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Whether you’re getting divorced or separating as unmarried parents, each parent has a financial obligation to support their children.

Monthly child support in Texas is based on the obligor (non-custodial) parent’s monthly earned income minus the allowable deductions.

In addition to an obligor’s regular paycheck, other types of compensation including bonuses and commissions also are included in determining child support.

Assets such are property rentals, second homes or vehicles, and inheritance can be considered by the court as a viable source of income as well.

Even if their financial situation changes or they become unemployed, the obligor parent is still responsible for making the payment. In return, the obligee (custodial) parent is required to apply the money received towards the daily care and cost of raising the child.

If you are currently collecting child support or in the process of becoming a single parent household in Houston, you need to speak with a child support attorney.

At The Larson Law Office, we will review your situation, explain the current child support guidelines, and help you gather the financial information required by the court. 

Calculating Child Support in Texas

To protect the best interest of the child, the state of Texas has a strict set of child support guidelines. Child support proceedings are subject to a net monthly income cap of $8,550 but the court could increase the amount based on both parents’ income and the child’s needs. Current Texas child support guidelines calculate at:

  • 1 Child 20% of the Obligor’s Net Monthly Resources
  • 2 Children 25% of the Obligor’ Net Monthly Resources
  • 3 Children 30% of the Obligor’s Net Monthly Resources
  • 4 Children 30% of the Obligor’s Net Monthly Resources
  • 5+ Children 40% of the Obligor‘s Net Monthly Resources

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The obligor parent is free to pay more than the required guidelines, but they cannot pay less unless otherwise agreed by the parties. If you need help modifying divorce rulings or court ordered payments, our experienced child support lawyers will assist you in establishing an agreement that best suits you and your family.

Enforcing Child Support in Texas: Know Your Parental Rights

If the non-custodial parent is not paying child support, there are several enforcement measures under Texas child support law you can take to collect regular and past-due payments. Our knowledgeable  lawyers will help you determine which enforcement tools are best suited for your case and help you attain the resources your family deserves.

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