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family attorney in houston txAt The Larson Law Office, we treat each of our clients individually.

We will go over the details of your case with you to fully understand your situation and provide you with compassionate, skilled and zealous representation you will need throughout your family law case.

We will also provide you with the information you need to fully understand you options and work with you to achieve the results you desire during difficult times.

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How Our Houston Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Texas divorce cases often involve complex issues regarding real estate, financial assets, and division of property issues. These issues can include reimbursement claims, tracing ownership of property and the characterization of property, income and liabilities as either separate property or community property. Our Houston family law attorneys are experienced in handling divorce matters including:

  • Contested & Uncontested Divorce
  • Marital Property Division
  • Characterizing & Valuation of Marital Assets
  • Protection of Separate Property
  • Division and Characterization of Retirement Funds
  • Spousal Support
  • Divorce Involving Family-Owned Businesses
  • High Conflict Divorce
  • Temporary Orders Hearings
  • Military Divorce
  • Application of Fault to Property Division Issues
  • Common-Law Marriage (Informal Marriage)

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When Family Law Cases Involve Children

Texas family courts favor the entry of a detailed parenting plan that addresses child custody (conservatorship), child support and visitation both in divorce cases and in situations where the parents were never married. The family law attorneys at The Larson Law Office will help you navigate issues involving in child custody and child support matters including:

  • Visitation
  • Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR)
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Modifying Custody Orders
  • Modifying Child Support Orders
  • Modifying Visitation Orders
  • Enforcement of Visitation Orders
  • Enforcement of Child Support Orders
  • Geographic Restrictions on Residency
  • International Custody Issues
  • Parental Relocation
  • Paternity (Establishing or Contesting)

Our Houston Family Law Attorneys Have Extensive Legal Experience

There are many other family law issues our Houston lawyers can assist you with including:

  • Pre-Marital Agreements
  • Post-Marital Agreements
  • Partition Agreements
  • Determination of Jurisdictional Issues
  • Collaborative Family Law Proceedings
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Name Changes
  • Motions to Clarify Orders
  • Protective Orders
  • Restraining Orders
  • Mediation

What to Expect from a Family Law Attorney in Houston

You might be wondering whether you need a family law attorney in Houston, TX. Even in family law matters that seem relatively straightforward, you can benefit from an attorney’s expertise. When you retain a lawyer, they represent you and your interests.

This is important, even in an amicable divorce. You want someone knowledgeable to advise you on your options and to look over the proposed settlement agreement to make sure it protects your interests and helps you accomplish your goals for the case.

You also want to make sure you are protected from pitfalls and contingencies you may not think of on your own.  Even agreements between the parties with the best intentions can have errors and omissions, like missing marital assets that should’ve been divided, which can be difficult and expensive to fix after the case is over.

At The Larson Law Office, our job as your Houston family law attorneys is to make sure your case resolves as quickly as possible while protecting your rights at all times.

Why Should You Work with Our Family Law Lawyers?

Unlike in a larger Houston, TX family law firm, you will always speak directly with your attorney, either Diana Larson or Erik Larson. There will be no surprises with a junior attorney suddenly assigned to your case or only speaking with a legal assistant when you have questions.

We personally handle all aspects of your case. Our personalized service is what sets us apart from other Houston family law attorneys.

In addition, we are well-recognized within the legal community. We have earned numerous accolades throughout our years of practice, including:

When you have a family law matter that needs resolving, you want a law firm that offers professional representation with personalized service. That’s why you need to call The Larson Law Office. 

What You Can Expect from an Initial Consultation with Us

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We offer a free 15-minute consultation by phone, or you can inquire about our fees for a one-hour in-person conference. Let us know which option works best for you. Call our office at 713-221-9088 or use our online contact form.  

We understand family law matters can be stressful and scary. You need legal representation that is dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate. When you’re searching for an attorney who focuses on family law in Houston, The Larson Law Office will be there to help.

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