Establishing Temporary Orders in Houston, Texas

In a contested Texas divorce pending in Houston, temporary orders may be necessary to establish:

  • Who will the children live with while the divorce is pending, and who will move out of the marital residence;
  • Who will pay child support, how much in child support will be paid, and when it will be paid;
  • What the child custody arrangement will be while the divorce proceeds and establishing a visitation schedule for the spouse paying child support;
  • Whether a spouse must pay temporary spousal support to the other spouse and, if so, then how much is to be paid and when; and
  • Who is responsible for paying the bills, including:
  • Mortgage
  • Health Insurance
  • Car Payment
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Utilities
  • Other Financial Obligations of the Couple

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How Long Do Houston Temporary Orders Last?

Temporary orders typically remain in effect during the pendency of a Texas divorce.  Once a final decree is entered, the Texas divorce decree will then be the controlling document as to all property, child custody, child support and alimony issues.

A temporary orders hearing often involves the family court judge establishing temporary injunctions that will create parameters for the parties’ conduct during the divorce and will continue until the final divorce decree is entered.

These temporary injunctions typically impose rules on issues such as how the parties will spend money, the conduct of the parties around the children and the ways the parties will interact with each other during the divorce.

A temporary orders hearing is a full evidentiary hearing with testimony and documentary exhibits before a family court judge.  However, Houston temporary orders may be agreed upon by the parties and entered with the court without the necessity of a hearing.

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