Cost of a Divorce Lawyer in Houston

Each divorce case shares some issues in common.  However, it is important to keep in mind that just as every divorce case is different, the ultimate cost of a divorce lawyer in Houston will vary case by case as well.  The amount in legal fees that a divorce will ultimately cost differs with each case because each divorce has unique elements and issues that need to be handled and these issues affect the number of attorney hours that are required to bring the case to a conclusion.

Factors in Cost of a Divorce Lawyer in Houston

There are many factors and circumstances that determine how much obtaining a Texas divorce will cost, including:

Witnesses.  Are witnesses going to be necessary and for what issues will they be required?

Complexity.  Is the case complex or complicated?   Issues that affect the complexity of the case include the number of assets, how the assets are held, the liquidity of the assets, the availability of the assets and whether the assets are easily discoverable or are hidden.  Other factors that may add to the complexity of a case may involve child custody and visitation issues.

Temporary Orders.  Will a temporary orders hearing be necessary or will an agreement be reached on temporary orders?

Contested or Uncontested Case.  Are the parties are in agreement on how marital property will be divided and how child support, child custody and visitation will be handled?  Or will these issues need to be resolved by negotiation, mediation or perhaps ultimately resolved by the Court in a trial?

Discovery.  Will written discovery, such as interrogatories and requests for production, be necessary to uncover facts about issues involving property, child support and child custody?  Will depositions, which are pre-trial oral testimony that is transcribed by a court reporter, be necessary after written discovery is completed?

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