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There are many cases in which it is not in the child’s best interests to be spending time with a parent who has serious problems.

Such problems can include a parent’s alcoholism, drug use, drug addiction, anger management problems, domestic violence, neglect of the child, or other issues that could be dangerous or detrimental to the children.

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Sole Custody in Texas

Sole custody (sole managing conservatorship) might be available if you have a history of dealing with these types of issues with the child’s other parent.

A court will typically order sole custody only in situations where:

  1. Allowing the other parent to care for the child would not be in the child’s best interest; and
  2. Allowing the other parent to have possession or access to the child would endanger the child’s physical or emotional welfare.

When considering the child’s best interests, a court will consider whether there is a potential risk of harm to a child during a parent’s possession or access to the child.  In these situations, a court may order that the parent’s possession or access to the child be restricted and that supervised visitation occur to eliminate the potential danger to the child.  In such cases the visitation would be supervised by a qualified adult, perhaps a family member of that parent, or perhaps at a third-party facility.

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